• What’s moving in over at the shopping center?
  • That store has been closed a long time!
  • Did you hear about that bar/restaurant that opened?

As we all drive around we notice the new businesses coming in and the stores that have closed. Then when we are hanging with friends the “hey did ya hear what’s opening over in…” topics eventually become part of the conversation.

So in short, the above is what MarltonPike.com is about… with a focus on the commercial districts around and north of Marlton Pike (Route 70) including Cherry Hill, Mt Laurel, Moorestown, Mt Laurel areas.

No Sports. No politics
Right off the bat, take away the two most debated online /radio topics. No Sports. No politics. (Well, politics where its related to a commerce change). If you want to complain about Doug Pederson’s direction for the Eagles, or you think your mayor is a no-show leader… well maybe I care a little but this isn’t the place for it!

Lastly, who are we?!

Mark Matthews

I’ve had a variety of blogs but the one that has been most successful is 42Freeway.com, which is a similarly focused blog covering that town’s along Route 42… Primarily Southwest Camden County and Gloucester County. 42Freeway has become very successful recently and had over One Million Pageviews in 2019!

My connection to the Marlton Pike area is I spent 15 years of my adult life working for Yorkship Business Supply on Springdale Rd in Cherry Hill (later Office Depot) dealing with large customers in the 10 mile area around Cherry Hill. Simply I put a LOT of time on Routes 70, 73, and 38 and know the areas very well.


Bio Coming soon!



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